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Sony lifts the veil on PS5 and ‘Future of Gaming’ in 4 p.m. live stream

It’s been nearly a decade since the PlayStation 4 launched in 2013, bringing us hundreds of new additions to the PlayStation library and genre-defining experiences. Gaming has evolved considerably since then, and change is coming once more with the introduction of a new video game console generation.

The PlayStation 5 is set to launch this holiday season alongside the Xbox Series X, with both systems heralding a new era in the console space. Sony is finally going to release additional details about the storied PlayStation 5 on Thursday in a special stream called “The Future of Gaming” — which you can watch right here — in which it will hopefully reveal the juicy details regarding the PS5 and its games that we’ve been patiently waiting for, such as a look at the actual console (we’ve yet to see it) or some of the launch titles planned for the system.

It’s finally time to welcome the next generation of PlayStation gaming, and we’ll be here with you every step of the way as we bring you the PlayStation 5 event, complete with live updates and commentary to keep you informed. It’s not every day you ring in a holiday season with a new PlayStation system, after all. Keep an eye on this space at 4 p.m. ET for the stream to get underway!

What to expect from the PlayStation 5 event

Sony has yet to confirm exactly what will be shown off during the PlayStation 5 “Future of Gaming” event. It’s promising “a first look at the games you’ll be playing after PlayStation 5 launches this holiday,” which is a vague statement, but the stream is supposed to be about an hour long, which means there could possibly be additional topics explored beyond games.

It’s possible the longer runtime will mean lots of screen time will be dedicated to showing off new game reveals and gameplay, but this could also be the day we finally see what the system looks like or get a first look at what preorders might include. There’s a lot of potential here, and plenty of new territory to explore. Though there have previously been games confirmed for “next-gen” debuts on the PS5, Sony has remained silent about any new IPs or sequels to established titles that fans have been clamoring for, such as a new entry in the Silent Hill series.

What about the PlayStation 4

Currently, there are three different models of PlayStation 4 systems available. You can opt for the vanilla PlayStation 4 (now discontinued, but still available for less than $300), the PlayStation 4 Slim ($299), or the more powerful PlayStation Pro ($399). The original model includes a 500GB hard drive, while the Slim and PS4 Pro include a 1TB HD, all of which can be upgraded with additional storage. You can opt for an external storage drive called the “GameDrive” as well. For casual gamers the original PS4 or Slim will suffice, but for hardcore enthusiasts and those seeking the best possible performance out of their system, the Pro is the best the PS4 lineage has to offer.

You can still pair any PS4 console with the DualShock Controller and PlayStation offers it a number of colors.

What we already know about the PlayStation 5


Sony has been curiously silent about the PlayStation 5 in terms of what kind of games to expect or even what the console itself will look like. It’s been a very hush-hush affair, even this close to the system’s projected holiday 2020 launch.

We do know that it will include a powerful GPU that, according to Sony’s Mark Cerny, will feature ray tracing, an advanced lighting technique currently only seen in powerful PC gaming machines. Though Sony has remained vague over the last few months about specifics, it will feature an eight-core AMD chipset, which is nothing to sneeze at.

The system has also been confirmed to support 8K gaming, with load times nearly 20 times quicker than the PlayStation 4’s. This will be made possible by the addition of a reliable and speedy solid-state hard drive. This will speed up game installs and likely help consoles to accommodate larger file sizes — be ready for even heftier games in the future.

Aside from the PS5’s confirmed hardware specs, we also know it will introduce a brand new method of input: the DualSense controller. The DualSense controller was created in response to the need to make gaming on the PlayStation 5 more immersive, and will include haptic feedback instead of a rumble feature like you might see on a DualShock controller or the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. There will also be “adaptive triggers” worked into the L2 and R2 trigger buttons.

The controller itself has been tweaked in terms of aesthetics, leaving behind the default black we’ve come to expect since the PlayStation 2 days and opting for a two-tone black and white color scheme, with a line of blue LED light running through it that will change depending on the game.

Otherwise, there’s still not much we know about the system. We’re hoping this event will end up illuminating the console a bit more for us and potentially include some pricing information and preorder opportunities.

Watch here for additional PlayStation 5 updates

Be sure to tune in right here at 4 pm ET, when the “Future of Gaming” PlayStation 5 event gets underway. We’ll bring you up-to-the-minute news regarding the stream and what kind of games we can expect to be playing when the system makes its debut.

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