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June 25 coronavirus news

CNN contributor Erin BromageCNN contributor Erin Bromage CNN

The most important factors that affect your risk of getting infected with the coronavirus are the amount of time spent with someone and whether that time is spent inside or out, CNN contributor Erin Bromage told Wolf Blitzer Thursday on The Situation Room.

Asked if a person should hold their breath when they’re walking by someone on the street who is not wearing a mask, Bromage, an associate professor of biology at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, answered no.

“I understand people think that that’s a risk, but it’s exposure to the virus, enough of the virus over enough of the time. When you’re walking past somebody, holding your breath is really not going to reduce the risk for you very much at all. Nor does that person present a huge risk to you in the first place,” he said.

As for the risk of catching the virus from a contaminated surface, it’s low but it’s “definitely a possibility.”

“Our biggest risk is face-to-face conversations and being indoors with lots of people in an enclosed space,” said Bromage.

“Time, definitely, is an issue with this. So, the longer you spend talking to somebody, the longer that you share a space with them, the higher the risk that you will get enough virus to become infected,” he added.

Why wearing masks are important: “Masks stop emissions at the source. They stop them coming out of your mouth and moving into the air, into the environment. So, if we stop them where they start, they can never pose a risk to another person.” he said.

He added that “even a poor fitting mask will do something, a better fitting mask does a lot more.”

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