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September 8 coronavirus news

Gov. Ned Lamont 
Gov. Ned Lamont  CNN

The state of Connecticut has added four states — Delaware, Maryland, Ohio, and West Virginia — to its travel advisory list.

“They have a higher infection rate, which is the criterion we have for whether you can fly in without quarantining or not,” Gov. Ned Lamont explained to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. “We’re a small state, we’re a region that’s got a very low infection rate. And so far we’ve been at less than 1% for over three months. We want to keep it that way.”

Amid the Covid-19 global pandemic, Connecticut joined neighboring New York and New Jersey in a regional approach to protecting against the virus. Lamont pointed to air travel as a key component in this strategy.

“They fly into Kennedy [International] Airport, they fly into LaGuardia [Airport,] they drive up here to Connecticut. And it makes sense for us to do this together,” the governor told the host of CNN’s “The Situation Room.” “Obviously Newark International Airport gets people from all over the world. It made good sense for us to do this.”

Meanwhile, on the first Tuesday after Labor Day, Lamont noted the challenges facing children as they look to return to the classroom.

“We’ve opened up our schools. Many of them full-time, some of them on a hybrid basis. These kids hadn’t been to school for many months,” he said. 

“We’re going to do this, but we’re going to do it very, very carefully,” he said of the educational plan, adding “we’re going to walk before we run.”

As the number of Covid-19 deaths continues to rise, Lamont assured his state is taking every precaution to keep kids and their teachers safe.

“Look, we’re requiring the masks, we’ve got all the toughest disinfecting standards,” he said. “Some of those school districts that are a little more crowded, they only have half days or half classes just to spread people out.”

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