New York named world’s most exciting city

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New York has been named the most exciting city in the world right now.

The Big Apple came out on top in an annual index by global magazine Time Out, beating off competition from the likes of Chicago, Los Angeles, Melbourne and London.

Based on surveys of more than 34,000 people in 48 different cities across the globe, the Time Out Index 2019 also indicated that New York was the city most people wanted to visit this year.

World leader

New York

New York is the city most people want to visit in 2019, according to the Time Out Index.

Lukas Kloeppel

NYC’s high ranking was attributed to its diversity and culture, as well as its world-class restaurant and art scene, with 91% of those surveyed agreeing that there’s always something to see or do in the city that never sleeps.

Melbourne, which came in second place, scored most highly when it came to happiness, creativity, eating and live music, while third place Chicago was home to the happiest residents, with 85% revealing they have felt content in the past 24 hours.

Berlin, seventh on the list, boasted more vegans than other city, with 8% following a plant-based diet.

And while Paris was only named the ninth most exciting city right now, it seems its residents are the most active in the bedroom.

Parisians revealed they are having sex up to 33 times a year — more than any other city on the list.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the French capital was also the most sleep-deprived city, with 66% of those surveyed admitting to the last 24 hours.

Diversity and dissent


Chicago was the city with the happiest residents.

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Meanwhile the UK’s Manchester (15th) was home to the largest number of drinkers, but the residents of Madrid spent the most time in bars, visiting up to 44 times a year.

“Time Out has been helping people explore and enjoy the best of the city since 1968, starting in London and now curating the best of 315 cities,” James Manning, Global Projects Editor of Time Out.

“The Time Out Index lets us understand what makes the world’s greatest cities tick right now.

“The cities at the top of our list are centers of diversity, diversion and dissent dotted across the world: places where anything can (and does) happen, where new ideas, delicious food and world class art and entertainment are born every day, and where people from all corners can come together with a shared civic identity.”

Greatest cities


The French capital is the most sleep-deprived city in the world.

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“Every single one of these cities should be on your travel bucket list for 2019.”

Conducted by Tapestry Research, on behalf of Time Out in February 2019, the Time Out Index saw participants questioned on a variety of viewpoints of city life.

These results were coupled with insights from Time Out’s global network of local editors and experts and put through a scoring system in which factors such as food, drink, culture, sociability, happiness, attractiveness to visitors were taken into account.

Time Out Index 2019 — 48 best cities in the world

1. New York

2. Melbourne, Australia

3. Chicago, Illinois

4. London, United Kingdom

5. Los Angeles, California

6. Montreal, Canada

7. Berlin, Germany

8. Glasgow, Scotland

9. Paris, France

10. Tokyo, Japan

11. Madrid, Spain

12. Cape Town, South Africa

13. Las Vegas, Nevada

14. Mexico City, Mexico

15. Manchester, United Kingdom

16. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

17. Barcelona, Spain

18. Buenos Aires, Argentina

19. Lisbon, Portugal

20. Washington DC

21. Tel Aviv, Israel

22. Mumbai, India

23. Toronto, Canada

24. Birmingham, United Kingdom

25. Dublin, Ireland

26. São Paulo, Brazil

27. Miami, Florida

28. Porto, Portugal

29. Singapore

30. Edinburgh, Scotland

31. San Francisco

32. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

33. Munich, Germany

34. Vienna, Austria

35. Shanghai, China

36. Moscow, Russia

37. Delhi, India

38. Seattle, Washington

39. Sydney, Australia

40. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

41. Hong Kong

42. Boston, Massachusetts

43. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

44. Marseille, France

45. Bangkok, Thailand

46. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

47. Beijing, China

48. Istanbul, Turkey

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