Brunch better at home with these cool kitchen gadgets

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  • Make the best homemade brunch with this lineup of top-rated kitchen appliances
  • Here we have toasters, blenders, frying pans, “bacon bowl” cookers and more

Ah, brunch. The magical meal that combines breakfast and lunch into one big eating affair. In recent years, brunch has become far more of a social event – and we’re all for it.

As nice as it is to go out for brunch (and maybe a mimosa or two) at a favorite restaurant, prepping brunch at home can be just as much fun – especially if you enjoy playing host.

Nowadays, breakfast is often referred to as the most important meal of the day. In fact, some experts believe those who eat breakfast daily experience higher rates of success when trying to lose weight and keep it off. And brunch is just a fancy breakfast, right?

We’ve got some suggestions to take at-home brunch to the next level and treat your guests to a delicious hybrid of breakfast and lunch foods. Keep scrolling for everything you need to make waffles, pancakes, poached eggs and more.

Note: The prices below reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.

Demeyere 4-Cup Egg Cooker/Poacher ($49.96;

When cooking for a large group, nobody has time to wait for one egg to poach at a time in a tiny pan. With this stainless steel cooker, you can poach four at a time by popping an egg in each of the removable nonstick cup inserts. It’s sturdy and easy to maintain, and you can quickly clean this pan in the dishwasher without the hassle of scrubbing away leftover grease and grime. To shop this product and read reviews from satisfied customers, head over to Bed Bath & Beyond, where it received a 4.9- out of 5-star rating.

Krups 4-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker ($39.93;

Another handy appliance to have around when cooking for a group, the quality-tested Krups Belgian waffle-maker is worth the investment. While there are many waffle-makers on the market, this product received high ratings from customers for its ease of use, features, quality, performance and design. Besides the fact that it turns out restaurant-grade waffles at home, we also love how easy this product is to clean, with removable, dishwasher-safe plates. And, of course, it’s all about how the waffles turn out. Customers who reviewed this product mentioned how crispy-on-the-outside and soft-on-the-inside these waffles turned out each time. Just the sound of that makes us hungry.

Black+Decker 2-Slice Toaster ($18.48;

When hungry guests are longing for a side of warm toast with their brunch, this toaster from Black+Decker will ensure you’re prepared. Costing less than $20, this product is affordable and yet still stylish enough to keep out on your kitchen cabinet. This toaster has extra-wide slots for fitting your bread of choice, whether that’s regular slices or thicker artisan bread. If you’d rather have a bagel, you can also use the nifty bagel function, which perfectly crisps your bagel in minutes. Regardless of what you choose, the “7 toast shades” dial function helps to ensure your breakfast foods are toasted to your liking.

Vitamix 5200 Standard Blender ($396.79;

Offer your friends a delicious smoothie – and expand your reach in the kitchen – with this do-it-all Vitamix blender. We love this smoothie-maker because, according to Vitamix, you can “create every course of your home-cooked meal” with this one appliance. At brunch-time, you can count on this 64-ounce blender to create the perfect texture when whipping up pancake or waffle batter, fruit and ice for smoothies and more. When you’re using this Vitamix in your everyday life, its high-speed blades can create enough friction to take foods from hot to cold in mere minutes.

Bacon Bowl Maker ($29.99, originally $39;

If you like bacon, you’ll love the concept behind this bacon bowl-maker, which lets you cook up your bacon (or veggie bacon) into a bowl-shaped form. Then, when you serve salads, eggs or whatever, your guests will be surprised to find that their bowls are actually made of warm, delicious bacon. Pretty genius, if you ask us.

Nordic Ware Scandinavian Silver Dollar Pancake Pan ($25;

Ah, pancakes. One of life’s greatest pleasures. When using this Nordic Ware pancake cooker, you can flip up seven perfectly shaped silver dollar pancakes in minutes. It costs just $25 and has over 400 satisfied Amazon customer reviews, so you can feel confident investing in this tried and tested pan.

Wilton Ultimate Bake and Carry 6-Piece Bakeware Set ($34.99;

Baking is a lot easier when you have the right tools on hand. This nonstick baking pan set has six pieces, including a three-piece portable caddy, a 12-cup muffin pan, 24-cup mini muffin pan and a 9-by-13-inch baking pan. When it comes to brunch, that means you can make all the muffins your heart desires. Then, after your guests have left, cleanup is easy, since each piece (except the caddy) is dishwasher-safe

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker ($24.99;

An innovative product with durable nonstick surfaces, this kitchen appliance promises to cook the many layers of your sandwich – such as bread, veggies and eggs – to perfection. Since it only takes five minutes to cook a sandwich, you can make them for the whole crew in no time. When purchasing from the Bed Bath and Beyond website, you can read over 90 reviews from customers who rated this product an average 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Epica Automatic Milk Frother (41.90;

What separates plain ol’ coffee from a latt√© is perfectly frothed milk. This option from Epica is the way to go if you want to spend little for a lot of frothing action. Now priced at less than $50, this stainless steel appliance is attractive enough to stand alone on your kitchen counter. Then, when it comes time to whip up a cappuccino or other hot drink, you can pour however much milk you want and leave the rest to keep warm inside the vacuum-sealed insulated chamber. On Amazon, more than 5,500 people reviewed this product and gave it an average 4.3 out of 5stars.

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