We tried it! The genius device that prints smartphone photos

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  • We reviewed this photo printer for getting instant copies of your iPhone or Android photos.

Calling all photo enthusiasts! The all-new Prynt Pocket printer ($149.90; amazon.com) offers a quick and easy way to print out your personal photos straight from your iPhone or Android. That means you can finally display your favorite memories around the house and at your office — without having to sign into your phone’s photo history.

With the Prynt Pocket, creating physical copies of your most cherished photos is simple. All you do is download the Prynt app, made specifically for this gadget. With the app, you can take pictures, then edit, filter and add frames to them before printing. Not only that, but Prynt pictures have short video clips embedded inside, so you can share a moment online as a video and also print it as a still image by capturing a specific moment within a given clip. In the newsfeed portion of the app, you can also view other users’ images and gain inspiration for how to better use the app when creating your own printouts.

If you’re active on social media, you can pull images directly from your social networks, such as Snapchat and Instagram, and crop them down to a desired size. As another fun feature, the Prynt app also allows you to write on your images, so that you can detail them with funny notes or pretty doodles for your own personalized touch. And finally, all Prynt photos are ink-free — meaning the Prynt ZINK sticker paper ($19.99; amazon.com) is all you need — and have peel-off adhesive on the back so that they function as stickers. That way, you can easily stick them wherever while you figure out how best to hang them.

Now a San Francisco-based company, Prynt was started in 2014 by two engineers “with a passion for creativity and photos.” The brand’s major claim to fame — besides creating photos with embedded video clips — is that it managed to develop the first-ever smartphone printer/phone case. For further inspiration on how you can enhance your printouts, check out the brand’s blog, which features a whole host of unique creations by imaginative Prynt users.

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