Our favorite toothbrush subscription service now sells brushes for kids

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  • The trendy toothbrush subscription service that will help with your dental hygiene habits
  • When you purchase the Quip x (RED) toothbrush, a person living with AIDS receives aid

The Quip toothbrush first caught our eye because the design is so stylish. Then we read some of the brushing tips on the company’s website, and learned about the brand’s easy and affordable subscription service, and we knew we had to give it a try.

After going online to choose from the range of attractive colors, we landed on two from the metallic options: copper metal and silver metal. Those two, along with slate metal and gold metal, are a bit more expensive than the green and blue options. But the metallic sheen pictured online had us sold — and they are equally impressive to look at in person.

For size, these brushes, while electric, are still only a bit bigger than your usual manual toothbrush. The rounded grip sits comfortably in your hand with a small groove for your thumb to rest atop the power button, which initiates the brush’s vibrating function. On the back of the brush head there is a rubber scraper for cleaning your tongue as an added feature for getting a better clean each time.

Perhaps what we like most about the Quip brand and how it’s marketed this product is the great emphasis on customer convenience and dental hygiene. Of course, most toothbrush companies push regular brushing. But if you visit Quip.com, you’ll get a full rundown on how and when to properly brush. Additionally, it’s clear this company cares about customer service. With the subscription service, starting at $40 for a metal brush or $25 for a plastic one, plus a payment every three months, you’ll get a new brush head and a AAA battery every three months, so that you can get brushing immediately when your refill package arrives. Another bonus: when choosing from the subscription sets, you’ll never pay for shipping and you can cancel your plan at any time.

There are many ways to go about choosing your Quip plan. You can include Quip toothpaste in your order, or not. You can pay more upfront and avoid the payments every three months. If you are ordering for you and a significant other (or the whole family), Quip has group-set options for buying two or four brushes per package, depending on how many you need.

Now, Quip for kids:

As an added bonus, Quip now also offers toothbrushes for kids. As the brand is marketing it, these brushes are “grown-up brushes made for kids.” The electric toothbrush set, which is available in four cheerful colors, costs just $25. These toothbrushes were made for kids ages 3 and up, but require adult supervision until the age of 8.

Our verdict? This may be one of the few subscription services we’ll stick to. Toothbrushes are one of those things you often forget to buy when you’re at the store. With this brush, your toothbrush comes straight to your door, and then you’ll get a new replacement head every three months. I It’s affordable, and these brushes are chic enough to leave out on your bathroom counter for easy access on a daily basis. All in all, we applaud this product.

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