Mueller report summary expected today

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s 22-month investigation was an often-shocking story about what Russians, Trump campaign associates and others did in the 2016 election so their preferred candidate could win.

Now that investigation is complete. And the public, the media and Congress are anxiously waiting to learn what more, if anything, Mueller uncovered, and how much Attorney General William Barr will make public.

Mueller’s office has been notoriously silent, choosing instead to speak almost exclusively through court filings. The only public message, through a spokesman, was that Mueller would finish his service as special counsel “in the coming days” and that the office would be closing.

However, what Mueller has revealed in court has already told the story of Russia’s ambitious and brazen attempt to interfere with the 2016 presidential election, the operatives who aided — wittingly or otherwise — in that effort, and the extent to which people around Donald Trump lied when faced with tough questions.

Read all about what we know so far here.

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