Theresa May to renew Brexit deal push after pledge to resign

Good morning from London, where another chaotic day in the Brexit process has left us none the wiser as to how Britain will emerge from its paralyzing political deadlock.

Here’s where we are on Friday morning…

Parliament had its big day — but said no: In a move unprecedented in living memory, British MPs seized control of the order paper from the government to hold a series of indicative votes, giving their views on a whole menu of alternative Brexit options.

The only problem? All eight alternatives lost. A second referendum to confirm any Brexit deal won more votes than any other option, while a customs union plan came nearest to gaining a majority of voting MPs.

Theresa May fell on her sword — but might have missed: Hours earlier, the Prime Minister told backbench Conservative MPs she would stand aside as leader — if her Brexit deal is passed.

Unfortunately for her — and for the rivals eyeing up her job — the DUP said a few minutes later they wouldn’t be backing the plan. That likely sinks the deal, which was in the balance even if their 10 MPs did vote for it. But May’s team will hope they can change the party’s mind over the coming days.

The meaningful vote will happen tomorrow — unless it doesn’t: Under the EU’s rules for granting Britain a Brexit extension, May was required to hold a third vote on her deal this week. We’ll find out today if that will go ahead tomorrow.

But there’s no guarantee that May won’t pull the vote again over a lack of support, bring it back next week, and hope Europe lets her off.

Today was supposed to be Britain’s last full day as a member of the EU. But the delay to the process means Thursday will instead be yet another day of political twists and turns in Westminster, as the country limps towards its next exit date without much idea of how and when Brexit will take place.

There’s no Brexit fatigue here, though, where you can follow all the twists and turns as they happen.

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