This portable battery can charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and another device

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  • For $79.99, you get a lot of value with the Time Traveler portable charger.
  • It has a Lightning cable and Apple Watch charger built in, plus a USB port.

Smartwatches and phones are great devices, but the more technology we add into our lives, the more charging cables get thrown into the mix as well. For iPhone and Apple Watch owners, that means a Lightning cable and a proprietary charger for the watch. Luckily, the Time Traveler ($79.95; wants to make things simple for you.

This portable battery pack features a Lightning cable for your iPhone (or even iPad) and a built-in Apple Watch charger. These are certified in the MFi program by Apple, so no worries about compatibility here. Additionally, this charger includes a USB-A (2.0) port for charging other devices. A micro USB port is on the side for charging the Time Traveler itself.

It’s relatively compact for the number of ports it’s packing. The plastic shell on the outside has a grid to lock in the built-in cable for safekeeping and makes it pretty durable. Inside is a 3,000mAh battery that is enough to charge three devices at once. As usual with any battery pack, your mileage may vary in terms of how many times over you can recharge a device. You can monitor the battery level of the Time Traveler via the four LED lights on the front.

While the Time Traveler isn’t the fastest charging devide out there, it does an excellent job as a travel companion for an on-the-go charge. Since the one device can charge an iPhone and an Apple Watch with one cord, it can make your backpack or carry-on a bit lighter, at a bare minimum. I found that overnight, it was able to fully charge a nearly depleted Apple Watch and iPhone, both showing “low power” warnings. Since it’s a real Apple Watch charging pad, the watch will attach magnetically, so you can use the dock on its side or really in any orientation.

A power user or frequent traveler will likely benefit from the Time Traveler ($79.95;, and at this price, you’re getting a three-in-one charger that provides two of the cords out of the box. Granted it falls somewhere in the middle of other higher-end chargers from Mophie or Anker, but for the price you’re getting a certified charger.

The lightweight design makes it easy to bring it with you and ensure your devices don’t run out of juice. Just remember to keep the battery itself charged.

Note: The price above reflects the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.

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