Sick of Sneaky ATM Fees? Here’s How to Never Pay One Again

Carson Kohler shows off her Aspiration debt card in St. Petersburg, Fla.

Tina Russell/The Penny Hoarder

ATM fees are annoying.

You just needed $10 in cash. Then you wound up forking over nearly $5 in fees.

And that’s no exaggeration. The average total cost of taking cash from an out-of-network ATM is $4.68, according to a recent Bankrate survey.

Want to avoid those unnecessary fees? There’s an easier way than driving around town to get to an in-network ATM. You can simply keep your money in an account that doesn’t charge those fees — like the Aspiration Account.

With Aspiration, you’ll face no ATM fees — domestic or international. ATMs in-network are free, and Aspiration will reimburse you the fees for out-of-network ATMs monthly.

That free ATM access makes this account a good place to keep an emergency fund or save for vacation. You can get cash whenever you need it, and make payments with an Aspiration debit card, via Apple Pay or through Venmo.

Other perks? You basically get paid to use this account. You’ll never pay a monthly maintenance fee, a minimum balance fee or an overdraft fee, and the account offers 1.00% APY. That’s 100 times the average savings account interest rate of about 0.06% reported by CNN!

Yup. It actually pays to start living a fee-free life with Aspiration.

Carson Kohler ([email protected]) is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. In the spirit of transparency, she banks with Aspiration and has loved her experience.

This article originally appeared on The Penny Hoarder