Amazon’s new Kindle has new features at a great price

Amazon’s new $89.99 Kindle, the entry-level 6-inch reader, is now shipping. It’s not a full redesign, but includes new features that aim to improve the experience. And you don’t have to wait long to buy one.

Amazon is taking orders for the updated Kindle, and yes, it’s a Prime eligible item. Here’s the pricing breakdown by model.

  • All-new Kindle in black or white with special offers ($89.99;
  • All-new Kindle in black or white without special offers ($109.99;
  • Kindle essentials bundle including an all-new Kindle, a fabric cover and power adapter ($124.97, originally $139.97;

And, as a refresher, having special offers doesn’t change the reading experience, but you’ll see offers and ads on the screen when the device isn’t in use. Since it’s an e-ink display, it won’t cause a decrease in battery life.

The core Kindle sits alongside the Kindle Paperwhite (starting at $129.99; and 7-inch Kindle Oasis (starting at $249.99; The differences between the models are becoming harder to spot. However, for most consumers and avid readers, the new Kindle is excellent for the money.

That 6-inch display is still at 167 pixels per inch, but is now backlit with 4 LEDs. You’ll be able to use this Kindle in new scenarios, like reading on a plane at night or while lounging by the beach at dusk. Moreover, the lighting is adjustable.

Additionally, the display features capacitive touch for easy swiping, but also keeps an eye out for accidental page turns. Amazon kept the rest of the Kindle pretty much the same with WiFi, 4 GB of internal storage and the choice of black or white.

If you want a bigger screen, waterproofing, physical page buttons or even LTE, you’ll need to look at the Paperwhite or Oasis. Fortunately, though, the new Kindle has audiobooks through Audible and Bluetooth, plus weeks of battery life.

At $89.99, this Kindle seems like an outstanding deal, especially if you want a basic e-reader with extra perks.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.

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