Understanding The Problem You’re Trying to Solve With Metrics

Metrics are important. Tracking work is important.  “What gets measured gets done.” But, if you don’t understand why you’re measuring things, or what the problem you’re trying to solve when you begin measuring things—no amount of metrics is going to help. 

In this episode of SoundNotes, LeadingAgile Senior Consultant, Jessica Wolfe and Dave Prior talk about metrics and how important it is to understand what problem you’re trying to solve when you begin using metrics to understand performance and improvement.  This interview is a follow up to a presentation Jessica gave recently at Agile Tampa called “Achieving Success with any Agile Planning Tool”.

During the podcast, Jessica and Dave discuss some of the more common things organizations initially track when they’re moving away from a traditional approach, what to be careful about when you begin using these metrics, how the metrics that you’re focused on will evolve over time as you mature in your adoption of Agile, and what to do if you find yourself tracking information and you aren’t sure why.

This article originally appeared on the LeadingAgile blog