Score a Wemo Mini Smart Plug for the lowest price we’ve ever seen on Amazon

Typically a Wemo Mini Smart Plug goes for $34.99, but you can score it for just $17.99 on Amazon. This is the lowest price for the smart plug we have ever seen.

So what can the Wemo Mini do for you? Well, it plugs right into a typical outlet and adds some smarts into the equation. By using the Wemo app for iOS and Android, you can take control of the outlet from anywhere. This means you can turn lights on and off, even when you’re not at home. By linking it with Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa (pro-tip: the Echo Dot is also on sale today for just $24.99 from $49.99) or the Apple Home Kit you can even control your outlet completely hands-free. It’s not just lights you can control; the sky’s the limit when it comes to controlling your essential home gadgets. Air conditioning, coffee machines and dehumidifiers are just the start. And as an added bonus, with the help of the aforementioned app, you can even monitor your energy usage.

For those who haven’t fully invested in smart home yet, think of this as your gateway devices into the smart home ecosystem.

Of course, Wemo Mini isn’t the only smart plug on the market. But what sets it apart from other more bulkier devices is its mini design, which will only cover up one outlet. This means you have more space to plug in your other essential gadgets. Better yet, you can even get two of these and place them next to each other.

We’re not the only ones impressed by the Wemo Mini; currently it also has over 4,000 five star reviews on Amazon. Pair that with its incredible functionality and its rare discount, and we think now is the best time to score a Wemo Mini Smart plug for yourself.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailers’ listed prices at the time of publication.

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