Barre, yoga, Tough Mudder and more — this digital streaming platform has it all

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  • Regular exercise is critically important, but it’s easier said than done.
  • We’re loving Openfit, a digital streaming platform for everything fitness-related.

Regular exercise is critically important, but it’s easier said than done. Pile on the responsibilities of work, family and everyday life, and hey, can you blame us for wondering where all the time goes?

That’s why we’re loving Openfit, a digital streaming platform (which you can access on its website, app or even AirPlay to your TV) for everything fitness-related, along with useful tips on nutrition and wellness.

Its mission, according to the brand’s site, is to make fitness and health a joyous experience that leaves you “healthier, leaner, stronger, and looking better than ever.”

Openfit is designed for the person who doesn’t have hours to devote to the gym or to a complicated diet plan, but still wants access to effective workouts that fit into a busy lifestyle. Programs can be customized around your schedule.

Everyone’s fitness goals are different, which is why Openfit has something for just about everybody, with over 160 workouts for every style and fitness level. The offerings range from yoga to HIIT classes to everything in between, and many are taught by celebrity trainers.

Looking to squeeze in workouts between agenda items on your busy schedule? The 600 Secs 10-minute program is just the thing.

Looking to lose weight and get sculpted fast? Try the Xtend Barre sessions led by Andrea Rogers, which combine the body-shaping benefits of a traditional barre routine with a fat-blasting calorie burn.

Hoping to get your first Tough Mudder or Spartan race under your belt? The Tough Mudder T-minus 30 program claims it will get you into course-crushing shape in 30 days. (It’s also a great program to start with if you’re just looking to get fit.)

Is meditation and mindfulness more your jam? The hyper-stylized (and perfectly cued) Yoga52 class is there to help you achieve your Zen and reshape your body.

Or are you trying to up the ante on your workout routines? Rough Around the Edges is taught by professional stuntwomen, who will train you with the same rigor they use to get ready for their Hollywood roles.

No matter what program you choose, you can expect a dynamic, rock star instructor with best-in-class credentials to guide you.

And they’ll be there no matter where you are — home, gym or backyard — thanks to Openfit’s ability to meet you on just about any screen you choose: laptop, smartphone, tablet or TV (via Roku, with other TV streaming services coming soon).

Even better: Most programs require no equipment at all, or stuff you already probably have on hand, like dumbbells or a mat. (If not, the Openfit shop has you covered.)

We especially love the intuitive design of the Openfit app, which keeps track of your fitness goals and progress with colorful trackers, at-a-glance stats, and surprisingly motivating Achievement Badges.

And we’d be remiss not to mention the super-helpful meal plans that come with most classes to support the healthy-living goals you’re aiming for, whether it’s weight loss, muscle building, or otherwise. The eating plans are customized to go with your workout, but flexible enough to let you eat the foods you love.

You’ll also get a steady stream of vetted and engaging lifestyle and nutrition articles, insider tips and tricks from Openfit experts, and tons of recipes.

The simple subscription plan includes access to all Openfit fitness programs. Check out the free trial here. Otherwise, the six-month plan ($59; and the 12-month plan ($89; are 40% off at the moment — and, needless to say, much, much less than a traditional gym membership.

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