If you don’t already have a diffuser, then Prime Day is the time to buy one

Here at Underscored, we love oil diffusers. They’re an aesthetically pleasing addition to the home that can boost your mood and relieve stress. Who couldn’t benefit from more of that in their life?

If you’re unfamiliar with oil diffusers, here’s how they work: These tabletop devices disperse a mixture of water and essential oils into the air. Different oils have different effects. For example, Lavender Oil ($7.99, originally $18.99; amazon.com) is known for it’s calming properties, whereas Sweet Orange Oil ($4.99; amazon.com) is often praised for its mood-lifting capabilities.

If you’ve been considering an oil diffuser, or love them and want to add another to your collection, Amazon currently has some very good deals available this Prime Day.

Everlasting Comfort Light Wood Diffuser ($27.96, originally $39.95; amazon.com)

Looking for a diffuser that can provide all day relaxation? This elegantly designed oil diffuser holds 400ml of water, meaning you can go more than 13 hours without refilling. Enjoy the timer options and ambient lighting, plus a free cleaning kit!

Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser ($27.95, originally $36.95; amazon.com)

There is a reason this is Amazon’s #1 best selling aromatherapy diffuser. It has seven ambient light modes and four timer settings, with a convenient auto shutoff feature. The best part? This bundle includes ten essential oils. Score!

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser ($89.25, originally $119; amazon.com)

This diffuser was made for showing off. Beautifully crafted out of porcelain, this diffuser holds 100ml of water, and uses ultrasonic vibrations to fill your home with a delicate mist.

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