You can rent a night’s stay in an Oscar Mayer Wienermobile on Airbnb

(CNN) — Do you like hot dogs? Would you like to spend the night inside one?

Well, it’s not an actual hot dog, but the world’s most famous replica of one: the Wienermobile.
Oscar Mayer will soon let Wienermobile enthusiasts — yes, they exist — book a night’s lodging inside one of the giant hot dogs on wheels, according to a tweet from the hot dog maker.
“Set a reminder for (July 24), when booking opens on @Airbnb and become one of the first guests in the @Wienermobile!,” the tweet reads, with a link to the Airbnb listing.

The one bedroom, one bath Wienermobile is listed as a “camper/RV” on Airbnb and is located in the Chicago area. The price is $136 for the night.

There’s a grill, but no wifi

The photos in the listing show luxurious accommodations, for a hot dog on wheels, anyway. There’s a big, comfy-looking bed near the front, just behind the steering wheel. It can convert into a couch, adorned with a throw pillow that reads “I’m just here for the hot dogs.” Aren’t we all?

The mobile can only accommodate two people, so that’s probably why there are two recliners, decked out in Oscar Mayer colors and featuring the Wienermobile logo, inside the 27-foot-long vehicle/lodging.

But that’s not all. There also a:

— a mini-fridge stocked with hot dogs (of course)

— an Oscar Mayer roller grill

— outdoor space

–a Wienermobile art piece by artist Laura Kiro

— a welcome kit for each guest

If you want to stay plugged in during your stay, you’re out of luck. There’s no wifi. Or a TV. No kitchen, washer or heat, either. (Can’t say you weren’t warned.)

You can drive it full-time

And if spending one-night in the Wienermobile isn’t quite enough, there’s another option — if you’re a graduating college senior. You could drive the Wienermobile. It’s a paid, full-time, one-year gig that Oscar Mayer’s parent company, Kraft Heinz, offers.

The “Hotdoggers,” as they are called, crisscross the US in six Wienermobiles and promote Oscar Mayer.

To get the gig, you’ll need a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and a good driving record.

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