Boris Johnson takes over as UK prime minister

LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

Well, here we are.

Boris Johnson’s long and seemingly inevitable path to power reaches its final destination on Wednesday, as Britain’s celebrity politician walks into Downing Street as prime minister.

Johnson won Tuesday’s Conservative leadership election in resounding fashion, picking up almost twice as many votes as his rival Jeremy Hunt. But there’s no time for a honeymoon period — Johnson begins his premiership with Britain in the midst of its worst political crisis since World War II, and with a flimsy working majority of just two seats in Parliament.

If he is to find a way out of the country’s Brexit chaos, he will do more than his predecessor Theresa May — who on Wednesday will hand over power after a tortured three-year tenure.

May will visit the Queen to officially resign, and Johnson will do the same to request to form a government. And, with that, another series in the soap opera that is British politics will begin.

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