8 popular weighted blankets you can buy on Amazon

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  • Some studies show weighted blankets can help you sleep more soundly
  • When shopping, it’s important to pay attention to price and overall weight

Restless sleepers know that the bedtime struggle is real. They’ve tried everything from meditation apps to white noise machines in their efforts to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. But could the trick to better sleep lie with your blanket choice?

Those who swear by weighted blankets think so. True to the name, these are heavy blankets (usually from 10 to 25 pounds total) that are filled with pellets that help distribute weight evenly across your body while you sleep. The thought is that this weight mimics the pressure of being held, which helps release anxiety to let you fall asleep faster. Some studies, including a 2015 one in the Journal of Sleep Medicine and Disorders, back this up. The research found that weighted blankets did in fact provide a “beneficial calming effect” for those suffering from insomnia.

While they’ve been gaining popularity recently, weighted blankets have been around for a few decades now in the occupational therapy field, where they’ve been used as aids for children on the autism spectrum. They’re even the basis for products such as Thundershirts, which help your pup stay calm during thunderstorms, fireworks shows or other anxiety-inducing events.

There are a few things you’ll want to consider if you’re shopping for a weighted blanket of your own. First, you’ll want to make sure you find a blanket made from a material that’s comfortable for you, whether it’s a soft plush, lightweight cotton or cooling bamboo. You should also be on the lookout for a weighted blanket that’s about 10% of your body weight. If you’re planning on sharing your blanket with a partner, aim for a blanket that’s between 20 and 30 pounds.

Another major factor is cost, as these blankets usually don’t come cheap. We’ve gathered up some of the most popular weighted blankets on the market at a range of price points, though the price of each blanket is largely based on the size and weight you’re going for. While we’ll be showing you blankets that are mainly 15 pounds, most of these options are available in weights ranging from 5 to 25 pounds.

YnM Weighted Blanket, 15 lbs ($59.90; amazon.com): This 100% cotton weighted blanket is one of the more affordable options on our list, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. With a 4.5-star rating from over 3,640 reviews, this blanket is a #1 Best Seller in Amazon’s blankets category for a reason. It comes in a ton of fun colors and patterns, this casual striped pattern being one of our favorites. Plus it’s versatile, since the blanket can be used along with a duvet cover or on its own.

YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket, 15 lbs ($99.90; amazon.com): This cooling weighted blanket is a summer-friendly version of our pick above. It’s made from a super soft 300 count bamboo viscose material, which aims to not only help with breathability and moisture wicking, but is also an anti-allergy and antibacterial material. All in all, it helps to keep you drier and cooler while you stay cozy.

Weighted Idea Cooling Weighted Blanket, 15 lbs ($46; amazon.com): This blanket comes in a lot of different weights, sizes and colors, giving you the option to pick one up for everyone in the family. Which is something you just might want to do — at under $50, it’s also the least expensive option on our list. It’s made from 100% cotton fabric, making it a comfortable and breathable option.

Quility Adult Weighted Blanket, 15 lbs ($73.24, originally $109.70; amazon.com): If you prioritize keeping cozy, and if you want your weighted blanket to really feel like a hug, this option from Quility comes with a super soft plush duvet cover that you can put on or take off the blanket. From warm summer afternoon naps to a chilly movie night, you won’t have to deal with buying an additional duvet cover with this purchase.

Restorology Ultra Plush Weighted Blanket, 18 lbs ($99.99; amazon.com): Another soft plush option, this weighted blanket comes in a couple of great neutral tones to match your bedroom or living room. The outer cover is made from 100% premium microfiber while the inner blanket is 100% cotton. It comes in four weight options — 10, 12, 15 and 18 pounds.

Gravity Blanket, 15 lbs ($249; amazon.com): This well-known blanket has the awards to back up its claims, from being named one of Time’s Best Inventions of 2018 to one of Mattress Advisor’s Top-Rated Weight Blankets of 2019. It’s not cheap, but it definitely looks like the fanciest blanket on this list. It comes in two colors, and the luxurious-looking gridded stitching isn’t just for aesthetic purposes. It also ensures the fine-grade beads get distributed evenly throughout the blanket.

Luna Weighted Blanket, 15 lbs ($70.99, originally $109.99; amazon.com): This 400 thread count lightweight blanket is hypoallergenic and made from a natural, sustainable cotton that’s free from any harmful chemicals. It’s filled with medical-grade glass beads — which are more durable and comfortable than plastic beads — that evenly weigh down your blanket. It comes with a 365-night money-back guarantee, so if you decide a weighted blanket isn’t for you, you can send it back for a full refund. But you probably won’t want to — this blanket has a 4.7-star rating from over 1,640 reviewers.

Amy Garden 7 Layers Weighted Blanket, 15 lbs ($59; amazon.com): This blanket option comes in a bunch of fun color options, from lavender and blush pink to sky blue and orange. The colors make it a perfect option for kids, and it actually comes in a 5-pound option perfect for a child. One reviewer writes: “Highly recommended for those parents struggling to get little ones to stay in their beds. Side note, my daughter had been a sleeping teeth grinder and that now too has also stopped completely. It was getting really bad and now its not even an issue!”

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