Here’s How to Pay Off Student Loans 5 Years Faster Without Getting a Second Job

Alexa Vincent poses for graduation photos in St. Petersburg Fla. on Sept 12, 2018.

Aileen Perilla/The Penny Hoarder

Let’s be honest with ourselves. We’re so ready to fire off an angry Tweet at Netflix every time our bill goes up a buck. So why is that so many of us won’t take a mere seven minutes right now to chop thousands of dollars off our student loans.

Here’s the thing: You’ve probably had the same student loan company since you had acne and were eating ramen in the dorm room. And we get it. It’s easy to just let these things slide.

But chances are, your student loan company is overcharging you. And something as simple as switching loan companies could help you shave hundreds of dollars off your monthly payments.

The best way to find a better deal is to use Credible. It’s sort of like Kayak — but for student loans. It looks at your options from up to eight companies to make sure you have a loan that will give you the lowest monthly payment and the fastest payoff time.

If you’re even a little curious, it only takes two minutes to see if Credible can help you pay off your student loans faster.

Chances are, you’re going to find a better deal than what you originally signed up for. And that could mean saving as much as $350 a month — and paying your loans off five years faster.

How She Shaved $350/Month From Her Student Loan Payments

Sarah Ann Stanley, a 32-year-old product manager in Minnesota, was forking over $500 a month in student loan payments. Plus, she was paying close to 8% interest on multiple loans.

Then, about two years ago, she looked into other options and decided to refinance — or replace her multiple loans with a single new one. Her interest rate was now 6.22%.

Yes, that’s less than a 2% difference, but it shaved $350 a month from her monthly bills. Oh, and now she only had to manage one bill — not several.

“I didn’t want to be 45 and still paying student loans,” Stanley says. “Now that won’t happen.”

After a second refinance, Stanley is now able to pay off her loans five years ahead of schedule and save even more on interest.

“Because so much of our money goes to this, it’s worth pushing the envelope and fighting for yourself and finding a better deal,” she says.

Luckily, Credible makes it easy to fight for yourself — and who doesn’t want to get out of student loan debt a few years sooner?

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