Scrummer Quiz Part 4 of 5

Ken Schwaber signing books for the Scrummer Quiz

Hard to believe but we have only two weeks left in our Scrummer quiz. But still two more chances to win a copy of Software in 30 Days, authored and autographed by Ken Schwaber himself.  Just like in the weeks before, we will also add a complimentary Scrum Poster to the shipment of the winners.

In the 4th round, we are revisiting the foundation and principles of Scrum and I believe we have some interesting questions about the essentials. I hope the weekly Scrummer quiz is not only fun but also a quick learning and reflection moment for everyone that participates. Please remember, if you are interested in a deeper learning experience and possibly a Scrum certification, the  Agile Power Week in Munich is an unique event with courses and Open Space.

Last week, we learned that the Scrum Master is a “Servant Leader” and is responsible for “Making Scrum Process” transparent. The values were “Openness” and “Respect”. To see this week’s questions, participate and see who won last week, play the Scrummer Scrummer Quiz Part 4. Good luck.

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