These buzzy new razor companies provide a close shave for less

It’s hard to think of shaving as a pleasure, especially if your approach is to head to the drugstore and simply buy the cheapest razor you can find. However, a slew of new razor companies are aiming to make shaving a luxurious experience. If you can’t fathom that idea, take a look: These buzzy new companies have really thought of everything. And the best part? Many of their products are extremely affordable.

Dollar Shave Club

If you shave often, subscription-based Dollar Shave Club will make the process super easy, without any inconvenience to you at all. Start by ordering a $5 starter kit that consists of cartridges, a razor, and shave butter gel, and then start receiving full-size products two weeks later, once you decide what you need. After that, all you need to do is decide which products you want and how often. You’re under no obligation to receive the same products each time, and can cancel and change your orders as often as you require. Expect each package to cost under $30, which is a huge steal where razors are concerned. You can also add in other products, like hair gel and hand cream. Running out of grooming tools will soon be a thing of the past.


Similar to Dollar Shave Club, Harry’s offers a subscription service that delivers every two, three, or five months, depending on how often you shave. Focusing on simplicity and craftsmanship, Harry’s designs its products at a factory in Germany for quality without the upcharge. Offering two different razors — the Winston, for $25, which has a zinc exterior and rubberized grip, and the Truman, for $15, which has a weighted core for balance and some seriously bold colors — Harry’s allows you to pick the one that works best for you, along with a set of flex-hinged blade cartridges, lathering foaming gel, and a travel bag for on-the-go protection. Unlike Dollar Shave Club, however, you pick your products once and receive the same set every time, which makes this option perfect for people who love consistency and routine.


Taking a different approach to razors and going old-school, Supply is on a mission to eliminate razor burn and believes that the best way to achieve that is by using a single-blade razor. According to the company, single-blade razors cut at skin level, while multiblade razors cut hair under skin level, which is what causes irritation. In fact, Supply is so sure you’ll love its products, it offers a 100-day satisfaction guarantee, which means you can return the product for a full refund, no strings attached. Offering both individual razors with a six-month blade supply ($79) and starter sets that include all sorts of grooming products ($129) such as shaving cream and post-shave lotion, Supply doesn’t go the subscription route, but you can order as often as you need to.


Harry’s sister brand, Flamingo, is designed specifically with women in mind, and easily available both on the website and at Target. Although it’s not a subscription service, Flamingo offers both waxing and shaving kits, including everything from after-shave lotion to ready-to-use, no-heat wax strips. The five-blade Flamingo razor boasts a number of unique features, including a curved edge for hard-to-get areas like knees and toes, a hydrating strip with aloe vera for smoothness, and an ergonomic handle that allows for an easy grip. The Starter Shave Set ($16) also includes a reusable pouch, two spare cartridges, a shower hook to keep the razor dry, a hydrating after-shave lotion, and a foaming, aloe-infused shave gel. Customers can also order these items individually, allowing for an easy shave every time.


The first shaving company designed for men of color, Bevel uses natural ingredients in its products that it says will help fight both razor bumps and irritation: oils to soften, aloe vera to moisturize, tea tree oil to calm the skin, and lactic and salicylic acids to fight infections and bacteria. The single-blade safety razor ($49.95) has been designed with coarse and curly hair in mind, while the products include everything from face wash and toner to clarify and soothe the skin both pre- and post-shave. Bevel offers several kinds of memberships, ranging from $29.95 for a monthly option to $200 for an annual one. Each membership includes a starter kit consisting of a razor, shave brush, 60 blades, priming oil, shave cream, and restorative balm for the first month, plus 10% off all à la carte purchases and a replenishment of supplies every quarter. This truly allows for no-stress shaving.

Happy Legs Club

A new startup based out of Asheville, NC, Happy Legs Club aims to provide women with quality razors without the high price tag. Offering two different types — the Happy ($12), which consists of a triple-blade razor, and the Hey Hey ($18), a five-blade razor with a bikini blade on top — Happy Legs Club doesn’t offer any add-ons such as shaving cream or lotion, but makes sure all its razors have the highest quality features. Both razors include four cartridges in the initial shipment, followed by six refill cartridges on renewal cycles, as well as a Vitamin E and aloe strip for smoothness. Pick your choice of renewal — every two months or three — and that’s it. Your items will be delivered right to your door, and you can change your frequency and type of razor at any time.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailers’ listed prices at the time of publication.

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