Learn Excel, PowerPoint, VBA and more in this comprehensive Microsoft Office course bundle

No matter what industry you’re in nowadays, knowing your way around Microsoft Office is a must. Whether you’re writing in Word, navigating pivot tables in Excel or preparing important presentations in PowerPoint, Microsoft Office is basically synonymous with any type of office or administrative skills. And if you’re someone who’s looking to give yourself a professional boost, the credentials to back your skills or just learn how to take advantage of more advanced Microsoft tools, there’s a simple and affordable solution.

The Mega Microsoft Office 2019 Course Bundle ($39; stacksocial.com) includes 11 Microsoft Office courses that pack over 120 hours of content. Each course walks you through different Microsoft Office programs, from the more widely-used ones like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word to more specific ones, like Microsoft VBA, Microsoft Access and Microsoft Visio. A huge bonus to this bundle is that you’ll receive lifetime access to the material. So if you’re looking to brush up on Microsoft Excel, but have plans to study Advanced Microsoft Excel in the future, you can take on each course at your own pace.

With the bundle, you’ll get way more than simple tutorials or walkthroughs. The 11 courses include over 750 modules of training and emphasize business skills that aim to directly help you in your career. You’ll also get over 450 videos, as well as 250 downloadable exercises to help you make sure you’ve truly comprehended the course material. Plus, if you already know some of the topics — let’s say you’re a Microsoft Outlook wizard and want to skip that lesson — you can simply filter for the material you do want to learn.

At the end of the day, Microsoft Office is something you probably have to know. So why not start working within the platforms more quickly and easily? The Mega Microsoft Office 2019 Course Bundle is a simple and affordable way to start learning new platforms, fill in any gaps in your knowledge or take the leap from Microsoft office novice to wizard.

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