MZ Wallace’s newest handbag collection might be the be-all, end-all of work bags

When we spy a truly amazing handbag, we wax poetic about it. And one particular company we keep turning to time and time again when it comes to travel, gym bags and more is MZ Wallace.

The brand (which specializes in high-quality handbags, totes and backpacks that reflect the needs of modern, on-the-go men and women) is best-known for functional, durable and overall sleek designs. Don’t let their seemingly simple exterior fool you: These are not your typical nylon bags. They’re made with the highest quality materials (think the same Italian leather used by Louis Vuitton), feature ample storage space, a boatload of zippers and pockets and genius travel zippers so you can slip them onto your carry-on or check-in suitcase while you’re on-the-go.

Time and time again when we’ve tested out MZ Wallace‘s bags, we’ve been incredibly impressed with their versatility (they can be used for pretty much any occasion and straps can be reconfigured based on your desired wear) and ability to stand the test of time. This writer in particular has been sporting her Jimmy Bag practically everyday this summer both to the office and to the gym. And after many accidental spills and drops, the bag constantly retains its overall look. Plus the leather finishings become darker and look better over time.

It’s no surprise that MZ Wallace has quickly become a favorite in New York City — I’ve personally noticed at least one bag sighting a day, if not multiple, for the past few months.

While the brand’s signature has been its quilted nylon designs, its brand new Gramercy collection feaxures the smooth finish you’d expect of a high-quality work bag. This new collection of satchels, totes and crossbodies are all fitted with Bedford Air, a new proprietary material developed by MZ Wallace that provides structure and padding without compromising on the brand’s namesake lightweight design. Even its largest option — the Gramercy Satchel, which has seven interior pockets, eight exterior ones, along with a laptop sleeve — felt super light to the touch. Inside you’ll be able to fit your work essentials (laptop, phone, notebook and wallet) and still have room for any post-work plans you might have, like a change of workout clothes. It pretty much is the gold standard when it comes to what you need (and want) in a work bag.

The prices for the collection range from $195 to $395. While they’re not the cheapest bags on the market by any means, you will get substantial use out of them that makes the price tag worth it in our books.

As of today, the new Gramercy Collection is available to shop through the MZ Wallace online store. Run, don’t walk.

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