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When I think of travel, the word that immediately comes to mind is packing. And let’s be honest — whether you’re someone who likes to pack a week in advance or an hour before your flight, it can be a pain. What I’ve found however, is that a good suitcase or travel backpack can make all the difference when it comes to actually wanting to pack.

While there are sites popping up where you can shop chic, super stylish luggage, it’s not always the most affordable option. And it can seem like finding a site that carries a range of affordable luggage is an impossible task. That’s where eBags comes in. eBags is the No. 1 online retailer for travel bags and accessories, and it’s sold over 29 million bags to date. My favorite part of the site by far is the range of brands it carries, from my personal favorite suitcase brand (Calpak) to other well known favorites like Tumi, Samsonite and more.

And right now, eBags is offering 30% off sitewide along with free shipping for CNN Underscored readers. While there are a couple exclusions, saving 30% off a suitcase or travel backpack is huge considering how pricey luggage can get. So whether you’re prepping for your upcoming end-of-summer vacation or stocking up on travel accessories for a winter getaway, chances are, eBags has what you’re looking for.

Carry-on luggage

A good carry-on suitcase makes all the difference when you’re traveling. It has to be super sturdy and durable, but also lightweight and easy to roll around. An ideal carry-on is easier to get it in and out of taxis, through airport security and up into the overhead bins. And because having one less thing to worry about while you’re traveling is something we’re most definitely about, we’ve rounded up some popular carry-on options.

eBags Fortis Pro Traveler Hardside Spinner Carry-On ($167.99 with discount, originally $239.99; This sleek suitcase can expand up to 1.5 inches and will still fit in most overhead bins. One reviewer writes, “It’s really beautiful — sleek, stylish and professional; modern and distinctive but still timeless. It’s light but feels strong. The wheels and telescoping handle are smooth and sturdy.” Plus, it has a built-in USB port so you don’t have to desperately search for an outlet next time you’re at the airport.

CALPAK Oh Joy! 21-inch Expandable Hardside Spinner Carry-On ($100.80 with discount, originally $144; If you’re someone who likes to incorporate a fun pop of color into every element of your life, this option from Calpak is irresistible. In addition to a super fun design, the suitcase features gel cushioning on the handles for comfort in addition to eight spinner wheels and a TSA-approved combination lock mounted to the top.

Travelers Club Luggage Chicago 20-inch Hardside Spinner Carry-On ($34.99 with discount, originally $49.99; If you’re looking for a lightweight, hardside spinner, but want to keep it affordable, this option includes all that without sacrificing quality. Coming in at just under $50, one reviewer writes that the suitcase is “nicely built … the interior compartments are especially nice considering the price — like a much more costly unit.”

Delsey Chatelet Hard+ 21-inch 4-Wheel Spinner Carry-On ($181.99 with discount, originally $259.99; This elegant carry-on is made from a polycarbonate material that’s meant to withstand extreme temperatures. In addition to its four wheels that reviewers call “super smooth,” the design also includes a brake system that gives you the option to lock the suitcase’s front two wheels so it doesn’t drift away.

Samsonite Englewood Expandable Hardside Carry-On Spinner ($97.49 with discount, originally $149.99; This versatile carry-on comes in four fun color options, and rings in at under $100. It features a polycarbonate shell that claims to be resistant to scratches and abrasions, in addition to being water resistant. Reviewers love how lightweight it is, and how it can expand to give you an extra 1.5 inches of packing space.

Checked luggage

When it comes to checked baggage, your suitcase should, first and foremost, be able to hold a lot. On top of that, it’s great to have an option that’s super durable, weather resistant and reliable. The last thing you want is any ripping or breakage while it’s being handled at the airport.

Samsonite Englewood 25-inch Expandable Hardside Checked Spinner ($116.99 with discount, originally $179.99; A larger version of the Samsonite Englewood Carry-On, this option features the same polycarbonate shell and an extra 1.5 inches of space. One reviewer writes, “I appreciate the zipper compartment because it keeps my clothes nicely folded and ready to wear. Then I can throw boots, cosmetic bag and other items into the elastic strap side. The expandability is great — I can usually use more room on the return trip. And it is lightweight, so I don’t pay overage charges for the bag!”

American Tourister Moonlight 28-inch Expandable Hardside Checked Spinner Luggage ($111.99 with discount, originally $159.99; While the obvious highlight of this suitcase is the gorgeous exterior, the inside and other features are not to be overlooked. It includes a mesh divider, cross straps in the largest compartment and an expanding zipper for an extra 1.5 inches of space.

eBags TLS Mother Lode 29-inch Wheeled Duffel ($149.99 with discount, originally $239.99; This duffel offers a ton of compartments, pockets and dividers, making it perfect for any long-term trips. To quote one rave review, “I am absolutely amazed at how much storage is in this unit. Everything I carried before fits in this duffel with room to spare. I love the fact that it stands on its own (something my previous units did not do). I love the compartments inside the bottom. My clothes no longer get wrinkled or squished. This would be the kind of bag I would have designed had I had time to do so.”

Granite Gear Cross-Trek 32-inch Wheeled Duffel ($160.97 with discount, originally $229.95; Another duffel option, this suitcase features a fabric design that’s built for protection against the elements. It also sports impact-absorbing wheels, foam shoulder straps and a hip belt if you need to carry it. One reviewer writes, “You can actually see and feel the quality. This would the the best luggage for traveling overseas or long distance local travel. You know the saying, you get what you pay for. It applies to this, high quality and durability.”

Delsey Helium Titanium 29-inch Spinner Trolley ($146.99 with discount, originally $209.99; This sleek suitcase is made from the same polycarbonate material used in jet canopies and bullet-resistant windows, so you can be sure it’s durable. It also features 2 inches of expansion room and a fully lined interior with two built-in packing compartments, in addition to soft touch handles and double spinner wheels.

Travel backpacks

If you’re planning on packing lightly, or like me, are paranoid that your suitcase will never land at the same time you do, carrying a travel backpack is a sure way to make sure you have room for your valuables, essentials and a few extra items. All these travel backpack options hold a ton, and most aim to give you more organizational structure than a typical backpack. They’re comfortable, practical and don’t sacrifice on style.

Osprey Porter 46 Travel Backpack ($118.96 with discount, originally $139.95; Complete with several organizational pockets, smart zipper compartments, harnesses and hip belts, this backpack is perfect for any backpacking trips you might have. One reviewer writes, “My girlfriend and I both bought this bag for a 2-week Euro trip which featured five flights between United, Vueling, and EasyJet. We had these bags absolutely stuffed to the limit and were able to bring them as carry-on luggage each time…. We rode bikes, trains, and walked several miles with these on our backs without any durability issues or unexpected fatigue. If you are looking for a great travel backpack you can take on long trips with several days of clothing and accessories, I highly recommend the Osprey Porter 46.”

eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible ($104.99 with discount, originally $149.99; This smart backpack is designed to have the same capacity of a carry-on suitcase with the portability and ease of a backpack design. Standout features include an easily accessible front pocket for things you’ll want to access without having to unpack the bag, in addition to straps you can stow if you need to check it. And with almost 5 stars and a 96% recommendation rating, there’s definitely a reason it’s such a popular option.

eBags Professional Weekender ($89.99 with discount, originally $169.99; If you need a travel backpack that’s professional yet practical, people love this option for work trips. To quote one reviewer, “This bag has been the perfect fit for minimizing what I need for travel… It has just enough space for a couple nights of clothes, your computer, tablet, cables, and toiletries. I love the slick look of this bag and the organization features. The section for your cables is nice and large and I am able to fit multiple laptop cables in it. I also like there is a sealed section for toiletries.”

Hedgren Tour Large Backpack with RFID ($80.50 with discount, originally $115; If you’re looking for a more feminine option, this purple option features padded, adjustable straps for comfort, in addition to pockets for your laptop, valuables and lots more.

Packing cubes and travel accessories

I’ve only recently learned the magic of packing cubes. Not only are they great for keeping your suitcases organized, they also make a huge difference when you unpack. Shirts, socks, scarves — all in their own cube! They’re great to help prevent any overpacking, and also keep your clothes clean and dry during any travel.

eBags Classic Packing Cubes — 3-piece set ($19.99 with discount, originally $29.99; With a 98% recommendation rating and over 20,000 reviews, you know these have to be good. Designed with long-lasting materials, in addition to breathable mesh, these packing cubes make organization easy. You can also easily see what you packed in each cube. Plus, they come in fun color options, so you can assign different colors to different articles of clothing, family members or just match them to your mood.

eBags Hyper-Lite Packing Cubes — Super Packer 5-piece set ($34.99 with discount, originally $64.99; If you’re concerned about packing lightly, these packing cubes are designed to weigh as little as possible. The cubes are spring loaded so that they can maintain their shape while holding your clothes. And with a 95% recommendation rating from over 1,700 reviewers, you can be sure these cubes help people all over the world on their jetsetting adventures.

Flanabags AirQuart TSA-Compliant Clear Carry-on Quart Size Toiletry Bag ($19.99 with discount, originally $22.99; If you’re like me and always have a mini freak out wondering whether your toiletries are going to get you stopped by TSA, this quart size bag is an easy solution. One reviewer writes, “Great quart bag to whisk you through airport security. This bag has a sturdy zipper with a handle/wrist strap makes it easy to grab out of your carry on and easy to hold. I used to use ziplock plastic bags, but bought this and LOVE it instead.”

eBags Pack-it-Flat Toiletry Kit ($27.99 with discount, originally $39.99; Another tool for organizing your toiletries, this kit is perfect for keeping your things in their designated place. To quote one reviewer, “I have had many, MANY toiletry bags over the years in my quest for the perfect bag and I have finally found it! I’m an obsessive organizer and also appreciate things that are not only efficient but also attractive. This is the complete package.”

Note: The prices above reflects the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.

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