Now’s the time to lock in the most value for your Galaxy Note

We’re just days away from Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event on Aug. 7. And with the mobile giant expected to unveil the future of the Galaxy Note line, now’s an excellent time to lock in a trade-in price on your current phone. Who knows, it might even be a Note 9.

The key to getting the most value is locking it in before the next generation is announced. Typically, you’ll see a decrease in the trade-in value once the new one arrives. The good news for readers like you is that there are several places to trade your devices.

Sites like Decluttr, Gazelle, and even Samsung, make it easy and simple to trade in your device. From locking the price in online based on the condition, to providing you with a label, or even a box to ship it back. And of course, multiple forms of payment for you, some even offer a PayPal deposit so you can get your money fast.

Keep in mind, though, for all of these, the device will need to pass a quality inspection to match it with your stated condition. And in order to keep that guaranteed price, you need to send it in with enough time.

Let’s walk through our top four sites to trade-in your Note 9 or another device. This way you can be set to get the next generation of Galaxy.


Lego, old school media, game consoles and phones are just a few of the items that Decluttr will let you trade in. And they accept many smartphones, including the Galaxy line, iPhones, Motorolas and even Blackberrys. Currently, Decluttr is offering $376 for a 128GB Galaxy Note 9 in good condition.

Even better, CNN Underscored readers can exclusively get 10% extra on any cell phone trade-in with the code “CNN10. This way you can get even more. And once you lock in that trade-in value, you’ll have 28 days to send it. Decluttr will even give you a label to make shipping easier.


Gazelle is one of the bigger names in the smartphone trade-in business and is known for sending an orange box or envelope with a return label included. You can even trade-in Samsung devices dating to Note 5 and Galaxy S5.

Gazelle will pay $288 for a 128GB Galaxy Note 9.


We don’t know what Samsung will announce on Aug. 7, but you can pre-reserve it. Right now, you can select the carrier for your next device and then choose from a list of devices that are trade-in eligible. Samsung is offering special rates, and by pre-reserving, you’ll receive a $50 credit toward accessories.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailers’ listed prices at the time of publication.

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