Hong Kong protesters swarm Mong Kok

At the Mong Kok rally, there are many young people dressed in black — the color associated with the protests — as well as plenty of families and children.

One man surnamed Yu, there with his wife and 11-year-old son, told CNN he was attending because the government still hadn’t responded to protester demands.

“We are pessimistic about Hong Kong but we still have to come out because if we don’t, we lose our last slither of hope,” he said.

He said they would go home if violence broke out, but “we are out there because we want our son to understand what is going on in Hong Kong now.”

“If the police did not disperse protesters the way they did, violence would not have escalated. We are angry about it and we understand why protesters are angry as well and reacted the way they did,” he said.

“It pains us to see so many young students being hurt, arrested and possibly lose their futures.”

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