An 8-year-old girl got sick on an airplane and drew a cute thank-you card for the staff

(CNN) — A child who fell ill on an Asiana Airlines flight is thanking the workers for “saving her life” with an adorable hand-drawn picture.

“To Asiana,” the drawing says, featuring an Asiana airplane soaring over flowers. “Thank you for saving my life. Thank you so much!”

The airline shared a photo of the drawing on Instagram last week and said, “We’d like to send our special thanks to the passenger who sent us this thoughtful drawing!”

She was headed to visit her grandparents, the post explained, when she fell ill.

“On behalf of our brave little passenger, Asiana Airlines would like to give a special recognition to the cabin crew members who professionally and quickly resolved the issue,” the airline wrote.

The Korea Herald, South Korea’s largest English-language daily newspaper, said the girl was headed from New York to Incheon International Airport near Seoul. She developed a high fever and stomachache about an hour and 30 minutes into the roughly 14-hour flight.

A doctor on board said she needed emergency attention, so the decision was made to land in Anchorage, Alaska, the newspaper said, after dumping more than a dozen tons of fuel.

The airline told the paper that the girl was rushed to a hospital and that everyone onboard broke into applause when the pilot thanked them for their cooperation, and the plane departed soon after.

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