Attention superfans: Walmart has a huge collection of movie and TV inspired back to school essentials from Marvel, Harry Potter and more

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It’s a good time to be a fan these days. Everywhere you look there’s a franchise series churning out fresh new content, from space to superheroes and everything in-between. And no matter if your kid is into wizards or Wakanda, there’s a host of back to school supplies and attire at the ready to feed their imagination and rep their fandom.

There’s a ton out there, but below are a few of our favorites:

Captain America Girls’ T-shirt Dress ($9.59-$9.94;

Let’s get this out of the way at the top—superheroes, comics, Captain America, they’re for everybody. And this t-shirt dress is a super fun way to prove it.

Avengers No Show Socks, 5 Pairs ($2.50-$6.00;

For the budding superfan who wants to show their fandom from the top of their head down to the tips of their, well, toes.

Quidditch Chibi Harry Potter Character Glitter Graphic T-Shirt ($7.98;

We wouldn’t have thought it at first, but anime and Harry Potter go together like peanut butter and jelly. Magical superpowers, flying, teen angst—the tropes are the same. No wonder kids love both!

Marvel Black Panther Active Performance Shorts ($7.00;

Know someone who’s a big fan, but doesn’t want to go overboard in gym class? These tasteful shorts get the job done.

Toy Story 4 5-Piece Backpack Set ($18.88;

Toy Story is just plain good, wholesome storytelling. Talk about a one-stop-shop for the Toy Story fanboy or fangirl in your life.

Harry Potter Tin Lunch Carry All Box ($17.99;

It won’t apparate your lunch, but it will make it clear you’re an HP fan.

Spider-Man Boys’ Stainless Steel Watch ($18.79;

If any of the superheroes were to wear a watch, it’d be Spider-Man. After all, he’s just like us—but with superpowers!

Guardians of the Galaxy Evergreen Gamora Girls’ Purple Plastic Time Teacher Watch ($18.39;

Come to think of it, Gamora would probably wear a watch, too. She’s surprisingly normal, considering she was raised by Thanos.

Captain Marvel “Retrainbow” Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt ($7.88-$19.95;

Brie Larson was awesome, don’t get us wrong, but for the die-hards, Retro-Captain is Best-Captain.

Spiderman Ultimate Single Zipper Red Pencil Case ($4.99;

Think of this as a web for you kid’s pencils, right?

Marvel Avengers Infinity War 5-pc set backpack ($23.98;

Consider this a one-stop-shop for a back-to-school Avengers superfan—and it covers all the essentials, too. The kid’s happy. The parent’s happy. Win-win all around.

Funko Avengers Endgame Pen Toppers Thor Pen ($6.99;

First of all, this is adorable. Secondly, they come in all sorts of other character designs, too!

Marvel Girls’ Thor: Ragnarok Asgardian Warrior Hammer T-Shirt ($16.49;

This shirt is awesome, and is it bad that we totally want one in our size too?

Disney Frozen Girl’s Backpack with Detachable Lunchbox Set ($18.95;

There’s a reason Frozen continues to be perennially popular—it’s so good!

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