This sleek leather wireless charger solves the dead-zone problem

Tired of waking up to a dead phone on a charging pad? Take a look at the Courant Catch 2, out Monday for $175, which aims to solve the dead-zone problem.

Ending the dead zone

This is the first pad to feature five wireless charging coils inside, which are slightly overlaid. The result is that you can lay a phone anywhere on the pad and get a charge. In fact, you can charge two Qi-enabled devices on this pad. Say goodbye to the need to place your phones perfectly on the charging pad.

It works for any Qi-enabled device– meaning you can charge 2nd Gen AirPods, Sony’s WF-1000XM3 earbuds, a Google Pixel 3 or even a Galaxy phone.

You’ll get a USB-C cable and a 16-watt power brick in the box, so you can power the Catch 2 charging pad out of the box — and yes, you’ll get fast charging out of the box at up to 10 watts, which meets the iPhone, Google Pixel and Galaxy S10 fast-charging standards. In total, it gives you up to 20 watts of output, with a maximum of 10 watts per device.

A stylish accent piece

Chargers aren’t particularly stylish products. As someone who puts a lot of thought into which phone color and case I’m purchasing, I never thought that the same thought process could go choosing a charger. But I was wrong, because now I get endless compliments on how cool my phone charger is. It’s sleek, minimal and super modern. It comes in Courant’s three core colors, black, ash and bone, with bone being an off-white shade that perfectly matches my phone case and bedside table. It’s also available in dusty rose and Pacific blue, which are subdued yet fun, colorful options.This charger, or any of Courant’s other charging pads, would make a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a high-quality tech product but also values style and quality.

Luxury design

The Catch 2 isn’t the lowest-priced wireless charger on the market, but the quality of the product is immediately apparent. It’s made from a premium, pebble-grain Italian leather that’s meant to hold up as your devices rub across the surface day after day. That was one of my main concerns with an off-white shade, but after I’d tossed it around in my bag, it seemed like durability is another quality you can add to its list of attributes.

A minimalist dream

As you collect smartphones, wireless headphones and smartwatches that all require different cords and cables, this wireless charger is a chance to eliminate some of that complication. I love knowing that my phone has a special place on my bedside table, and I don’t have to remember to plug it in or even bring my charging cable home from work. The Catch 2 is small enough to qualify as an accent piece but large enough to comfortably fit two phones.

Does it live up to expectations?

I’ve only had about a weekend with the Catch 2 so far, but my first impression is that it does what it sets out to do. I tested it with multiple devices like the iPhone X, XS Max, 8 Plus, a Google Pixel 3, an S10 and S10+ for charging, along with AirPods and a battery bank.

Depending on the case, it might take a second or two to recognize and start charging. I also found that the five coils really do cover the whole area of the pad. It’s really cool to see and use in person.

At $175, this isn’t the cheapest wireless charging pad out there. However, it is the first to feature five coils across the pad and is wrapped in a sleek leather and aluminum build. Stay tuned for a full review on Courant’s Catch 2 in the future.

Note: The price above reflects the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.

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