Allbirds introduces socks you can pair with your favorite sneakers

By now, you’ve probably heard of Allbirds, the company known for creating what has been dubbed “the world’s most comfortable shoe.” Debuting in 2016, Allbirds focuses on creating simple, stylish sneakers that are made from sustainable materials.

Now, Allbirds is expanding beyond sneakers into the next, and perhaps, most logical space — socks. There are three sock options on the Allbirds site — Trino Hiders, Trino Quarters and Trino Tubers.

Made from natural, high-quality materials

As the names suggest, all three sock options are made from Allbirds’ own Trino material. The yarn is a blend of its superfine merino wool and tree fabrics, which was created specifically to meet Allbirds’ “standards of ultimate comfort and sustainability.” The knit is supposed to be soft, cool and breathable, in addition to helping with odor control. That’s right, begone stinky feet. And because the materials are mainly natural, these socks are also kinder to the earth than their synthetic counterparts.

Designed to be comfortable and durable

All three of the sock designs feature elements from a reinforced heel and toe area to extra fibers sewn into the footbed and an arch area that naturally hugs your foot. While these are subtle, they’re thoughtful touches that can make all the difference the next time you have to spend the day on your feet. And while you can pair these with any shoes, Allbirds claims these socks make the “perfect comfort companion” to your Allbirds sneakers.

Three designs, six colors

The three sock options are simply three different lengths. The Trino Hiders are ankle socks that work well with dress shoes, or any scenario in which you don’t want your socks showing. The Trino Quarters are a casual option that hit your ankle and the Trino Tubers are tube socks.

All three designs come in six colors. Onyx and Steel are two gray shades, and Sienna is an elegant dark red. The other three colors — Waterfall, Flamingo and Canary — are a bright blue, pink and yellow. They’re perfect for mixing and matching with any shoes in your wardrobe.

So whether you’re looking for breathable socks, colorful socks or socks with a lower carbon footprint, Allbirds might be the place to buy your socks.

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