Save on Nomad’s Lightning cables and Apple Watch stands

In the Apple accessory market, a certain breed of accessories stand out among the rest. These carry the MFi certification. Essentially, products with this certification have been blessed by Apple and are certified to work with its ecosystem.

Nomad fits the bill as one of these MFi certified brands, and now’s your chance to save a considerable amount on four of its products. These range from the built-tough Lightning cable to a rustic looking aluminum stand for your Apple Watch.

Let’s dig in

1. The 3-Port Charging Hub for Nomad, listed for $19.99, is reduced from the standard $49.95. It’s an inconspicuous matte black circle that houses three USB ports and one port to power the hub itself. Essentially you can plug in three devices to get power, all from one port. It’s kind of a 2019 take on an outlet strip with mobile devices in mind. You also get a wall plug in the box.

2. The Apple MFi-Certified Lightning cable has a built-in portable battery. The Battery Lightning Cable ($19.99, originally $49.95; measures in at 1.5 meters (nearly 5 feet) and features a durable ballistic nylon outer layer. And at about the halfway mark, you’ll find the 2,800mAh battery. It’s pretty ingenious. This way you can use it to charge your iPhone or iPad traditionally with a wall plug, or charge while you’re on the go. At 59% off, you can’t go wrong.

3. For those times when you want a compact cable to throw in your purse or backpack, Nomad’s 0.3-meter (nearly 10 inches) Lighting Cable can get the job done. On sale at $10.99 (usually $24.95), it’s a small solution for charging your iOS device on the go. Like the Battery Lighting Cable, it’s made from a ballistic nylon to minimize wear and tear.

4. While Nomad’s Stand for Apple Watch doesn’t have the built-in charger, its sleek aluminum build will let you charge your smartwatch in style. Plus it’s reduced from $49.95 to just $33.95 in black, or $29.95 in silver. Nomad is using aluminum with a copper alloy for the build and has added a rubber layer to the bottom so it won’t slide. You can just put the included charger from your Apple Watch in this stand and charge in style.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.

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