This carry-on suitcase has all the features you want for less than $200

A great carry-on suitcase makes all the difference when it comes to your travel experience. But when it comes to high-quality, stylish and affordable options, there aren’t as many options as you might expect.

The Fortis Pro Traveler Hardside Spinner Carry-On from eBags is a carry-on that doesn’t just look good, it also performs superbly. It has proved to be durable, practical and stylish throughout my recent travels. And for just $169.99 with the code CNN25, it stands apart as one of the most affordable, yet high quality, options in a crowded market.

The suitcase

While you may recognize eBags as the online destination to find luggage and travel accessories of all types, you may not have realized that it also carries its own line of luggage. While many of eBags’ products focus on quality at a competitive price, its selection isn’t always as stylish or visually appealing as other options.

An exception to this is the Fortis Pro Traveler Hardside Spinner Carry-On. It’s available in sleek, subdued colors like black, dark blue, gray and ocean blue. Some of the brighter colors include red and the newest addition, rose gold. I tested the rose gold option, which is gorgeously eye catching, but subtle enough to match your current luggage. You can order it now and it’ll ship beginning Sept. 10.

The features

The Fortis Pro features a polycarbonate shell with a luxe mirror finish that looks super high end. On top of that, the material claims to be unbreakable and hardly scuffable. I tossed it around a bit while I was traveling, but didn’t find any obvious signs of wear. While some scuffing is probably inevitable over time, I’m fairly certain this material will still look new and clean after at least a couple trips.

The first thing you notice about the suitcase is how light it is. This, on top of how smooth the four 360-degree spinner wheels are, makes moving within the airport a breeze. A huge bonus for a short person like myself is the telescopic handle, which adjusts to three heights for maximum comfort.

Plus, the built-in external USB port makes scrambling around the airport looking for an outlet a task of the past. All you have to do is place a portable battery pack in the inner pouch, plug it in and you can easily charge your phone without having to open bags or hunt for wires during your next flight.

When it comes to the interior, the Fortis Pro comes with a ton of features that I wouldn’t typically gravitate toward, but found immensely helpful when packing for a weekend trip.

There are two zipper pouches, straps to secure your belongings and a removable divider within the main compartment. While these may be unnecessary if you’re looking to pack your suitcase to the max, it was perfect for organizing a modest amount of clothing. The divider is great for separating pants and shirts, the pouches are perfect for intimates and underwear, and the straps keep everything in their place. Another welcome bonus was the laundry bag, which was great for storing dirty gym clothes.

All these features may bring to mind the popular Away suitcases, which we’ve covered in-depth. But one big difference between these two suitcases is that the Fortis Pro features an inch-and-a-half of expandable room, which is a game changer if you’re packing for a longer trip but don’t want to take a larger suitcase. Even when the suitcase is expanded, it can fit into most overhead bins. While I didn’t test the expandable feature during my last trip, I’ve packed my carry-on to the max more times than I can count, and know for certain it’s a feature I’ll be thankful for during my next extended trip.

The Fortis Pro is a carry-on suitcase that does it all. And for $169.99 with the code CNN25, it has a price point that sets it apart from other options.

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