SoundNotes Live at Agile 2019: Day One

Last week, the biggest conference in the Agile industry took place in Washington DC at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center. We were proud to be a sponsor of this event and we were even more excited about catching up with friends—both old and new. For those of you who couldn’t make it to the conference, we wanted to give you a little taste of what it’s all about, so we decided to live-stream our podcast out of our booth in the Prince George Exhibitor Hall. We had a chance to talk to a lot of really smart and interesting people while we were there; some who were speaking at the conference, others who were simply attending, and even a few who were involved in turning this event into a reality. Below are some of the highlights from day one.

Understanding Cost of Delay w/ Troy Magennis

In this live video, we chat with Troy Magennis about Cost of Delay. How do we ensure our teams are working on what’s most important? We delve into the answers to this question, why Cost of Delay matters, the factors and variabilities that can affect it, and how to better understand and calculate it.

Creating a Culture that Supports Agility w/ Rachel Howard

In this live video session, we’re chatting with Rachel Howard, LeadingAgile’s Chief Cultural Officer. We’ll talk about how to create a culture that not only supports Agility but also helps people thrive.

Aligning Teams & Backlogs to Strategy w/ Matt Smith

In this live talk with Matt Smith of LeadingAgile. We’ll discuss how to create alignment from strategy to teams when you’re building a backlog.

Building a System of Transformation w/ Chris Papadakis & Yaton Bowens

In this live talk with Chris Papadakis and Yaton Bowens of LeadingAgile, we discuss creating the right system to lead an effective Agile Transformation. What system do you need to build so you can create lasting change? We’ll dig into the answer and the conditions you need in place to make a successful Transformation happen.

Aligning Products to Vision & Strategic Intent w/Natalie Warnert

In this live talk with Natalie Warnert of Women in Agile, an event for female Agilists each year before Agile 2019. Then we delve into the topic of her Agile 2019 conference talk about aligning strategic intent and vision with what you’re building.

Why Become Recognized as a CSM or CSPO? w/Erika Massie

In this live session, we’re chatting with Erika Massie, Director of Global Learning and Assessment at Scrum Alliance about some recent changes in their certification options and processes, the value of becoming recognized as a CSM or CSPO, and how the right training can help you hit the ground running or advance to the next level in your career.

The Management Mindset w/Johanna Rothman

In our live session with Johanna Rothman, author of Manage Yourself, Lead and Serve Others, Practical Organizational Leadership, and many more, we’ll discuss the management mindset and how to establish effective peer to peer relationships. We also delve into how cultivating personal integrity as a manager can foster an environment of dignity, respect, courage, and humility.

Stay Grounded and Calm—Get More Productivity and Efficiency w/ Heather Dunning

In this episode of SoundNotes Live with Heather Dunning, we discuss the contents of her talk, Calm the Storm in Your Mind. Heather introduces ways to nurture the parts of ourselves that help us stay calm and grounded so we can stay efficient and productive in life and at work. She will also share a few easy exercises you can use to get calm and grounded anytime.

Building Adaptability into Your Product Driven Organization w/ Dennis Stevens

In this live SoundNotes podcast with Dennis Stevens, LeadingAgile’s Chief Methodologist, we discuss what it looks like to build adaptability into your organization when you’re making a product.

Overcoming Organizational Resistance During An Agile Transformation w/Mike Cottmeyer

In this live session, we chat with Mike Cottmeyer about Organizational Resistance, the factors that influence how you can successfully orchestrate your Agile Transformation, and what it takes to gain the support you need for the outcomes you want.

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This article originally appeared on the LeadingAgile blog