Ubiquiti just added a bonus to its AmpliFi line of mesh routers

Mesh routers are all the rage. The tech that gives you multiple access points in your home or apartment, versus just one router broadcasting Wi-Fi, has finally taken hold. Now, Ubiquiti Labs is delivering a new app to make its AmpliFi mesh routers even more useful, by giving you a new way to connect to your home network from anywhere.

The free AmpliFi Teleport app, available Thursday, allows the security and familiarity of your home network to go with you anywhere. As long as you can connect via the iOS or Android app, you’re in good shape. It’s a pretty simple app that just requires you to enter a code that you can pull from the AmpliFi app.

Then, it establishes a one-to-one secure connection between your mobile device and your home network. You’ll browse the internet as if you’re at home. It’s like a personal Virtual Private Network (aka VPN) that is totally free with the use of an AmpliFi router.

And that means you can also access services that might not be available from your current location. All in all, it’s just more value for AmpliFi customers and puts this mesh ecosystem a notch above the rest.

This fully virtual option is a step up from the physical AmpliFi Teleport device, which was already available for AmpliFi routers and retails for $99.

Here are your options for AmpliFi mesh routers:

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