3 quick on-the-go breakfast ideas for busy parents

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Like most parents, you can be forgiven for thinking from time to time (ok, every day) that the morning routine would be a whole lot easier sans offspring (Getting out of bed was hard enough before kids, am I right?). And with a new school year on the horizon, early mornings are about to get even earlier—and more time-crunched.

Still, it’s imperative we get our little munchkins off to school set up for success, no matter how stressed we might feel. That means getting some quality food in their bellies. And if we’re honest, nailing that goal sometimes means grabbing breakfast on the go. Fortunately, Walmart’s has you covered. The following breakfast ideas from Walmart combine the trifecta longed for by harried parents everywhere: Food that’s a) affordable b) easy to grab on the run and, crucially, c) delicious.

KIND Gluten Free Breakfast Granola ($4.53; walmart.com)

Granola may be the perfect food for kids with one foot perpetually out the door. You can eat it on its own, sprinkle it on yogurt or chuck it in a bowl with milk. Either way, this gluten-free version lays a strong foundation of 5 super grains and builds on it with savory, lip-smacking peanut butter. And its hunger-busting game is strong. Each nutrient-packed 50 gram serving is brimful with 10 grams of protein and 22 grams of whole grains.

Quaker Real Medleys Instant Oatmeal, Variety Pack, 12 Cups ($19.99; walmart.com)

Can it get more quick or convenient? Add some water to the microwave-safe disposable cup, dash it into the microwave, and voila—that’s breakfast taken care of. We’re talking a full meal of 100 percent whole grain Quaker oats, plus a wholesome blend of multigrains, real fruit and nuts. And since we all know variety is the spice of life, this, well, variety pack, includes a welcome spectrum of flavors: four apple walnut, four summer berry and four blueberry hazelnut cups. Even better? The portable single-serve cups can go anywhere, with no mess and no bowl to clean up.

CLIF Kid Organic ZBar ($11.28; walmart.com)

These dense, flavor-rich bars are a welcome antidote to bland, anodyne alternatives that leave tummies more or less as hungry as they were before. Not so with Clif bars; The carefully calibrated blend of carbs, fiber, protein and fat is designed to power growing kids through their respective days, no matter how much playing, pondering or perambulations they get up to. And they’re made with organic ingredients to boot!

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