Boris Johnson to present ‘final’ Brexit offer to EU

The new Brexit proposal has been leaked to the Daily Telegraph, perhaps unsurprisingly given Boris Johnson’s past employment by the paper.

According to the newspaper, the new proposal would replace the existing Irish backstop, the part of the agreement meant to prevent a return of hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, with an alternative, time-limited plan.

The newspaper said the Prime Minister envisions a “two borders for four years” plan that would “leave Northern Ireland in a special relationship with Europe until 2025.”

However, Irish officials have already said that if the leaked proposals are true, they are problematic.

The Irish border remains a controversial point in the negotiations. The Irish border remains a controversial point in the negotiations. Photo: PAUL FAITH/AFP

Ireland’s Minister for European Affairs Helen McEntee, told Ireland’s RTE broadcaster the proposal wouldn’t be in line with the commitments made under the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, which brought peace to Ireland following decades of violent conflict. 

Under that agreement, no physical border infrastructure can be placed at the border.

“It is talking about a time limit, which is not acceptable, it is still talking about the need and requirement for customs checks,” McEntee said.

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