Level up your gaming gear with these HyperX Memorial Day deals

With Memorial Day on the way, HyperX decided to roll out some deals on their high-end gaming gear, and there sure is a lot to choose from during the holiday, including mechanical keyboards with RGB backlighting and headsets with noise cancelling microphones.

You’ll also find mice with numerous programmable buttons, and some pretty impressive mouse pads, too. Check out everything HyperX has to offer, below:


Alloy FPS RGB Pudding Keycaps Edition ($89.99, originally $119.99; bestbuy.com)

Alloy FPS RGB Pudding Keycaps Edition

The Alloy FPS RGB Pudding Keycaps Edition is a full mechanical keyboard, number pad and all. It’s constructed with a sturdy steel frame, encasing dynamic RGB lights that backlight the keys. The keys are also in the aptly named “pudding” style, wherein the bottom half are semi-transparent, which enhances the already vibrant RGB backlighting offered by this keyboard. There is even onboard memory to store three different color profiles.

Beneath this model’s keys are Kailh Silver Speed switches. There are all sorts of switches that have different effects on one’s typing experience, but the purpose of these is to reduce each key’s travel distance. The difference is marginal in most situations, but a shorter travel distance means input is processed sooner. Enemy gamers beware.


Alloy Origins — Red Switch ($99.99, originally $109.99; amazon.com)

Alloy Origins — Red switch

The Alloy Origins — Red switch is also a full mechanical keyboard. It features an aircraft-grade aluminum body that is both tough and portable. Plus, it can light up with beautiful dynamic RGB lighting, and it has onboard memory to store three unique color profiles. Finally, the Red switch is a classic, providing simple, direct keypresses at a great speed.


Alloy Elite RGB — Brown Switch ($99.99, originally $139.99; amazon.com)

Alloy Elite RGB — Brown switch

The Alloy Elite RGB — Brown switch has the whole kit and kaboodle. It’s built with a steel frame, detachable wrist rest, mechanical keys backlit with RGB lights and a number pad. Across the top are controls for music playback, volume, brightness and more. And inside is onboard memory for storing color profiles. And beneath the keys themselves are Brown switch mechanisms. This switch is most similar to the Aqua switch; when you press a key, you’ll feel and hear satisfying, clicky feedback. It’ll be music to your ears as you dispatch your opponents.

The following keyboards are also marked down:

  • Alloy Core RGB ($39.99, originally $49.99; bestbuy.com)
  • Alloy Pro — Blue Switch ($63.99, originally $69.99; bestbuy.com)


Cloud Revolver S ($99.99, originally $149.99; amazon.com)

Cloud Revolver S

A great gaming setup isn’t complete without a headset. The Cloud Revolver S is packed with features that’ll give you the edge. Its memory foam ear cups and headband cushioning are built for lasting comfort, and the detachable noise-cancelling microphone will serve you well during those longer game sessions. In terms of sound quality, you’ll enjoy Dolby Surround 7.1 thanks to direction 50mm drivers.


Stinger Wireless Console ($69.99, originally $89.99; amazon.com)

Stinger Wireless Console

The Stinger Wireless Console features similarly competitive stats. This headset is geared toward the PS4, but it also works with the Nintendo Switch and PC. This Bluetooth headset features memory foam cushioning, which, along with up to 17 hours of battery, means you’ll hardly have to take them off. Attached is a noise cancelling microphone, which can be flipped vertically to mute yourself. Sound quality is also excellent thanks to 50mm drivers inside each cup.


Pulsefire FPS Pro ($34.99, originally $44.99; amazon.com)

Pulsefire FPS Pro

The Pulsefire FPS Pro is an ergonomically designed mouse. The HyperX logo and scroll wheel are lit by RGB lights to spice up an already sleek design. Plus, it features six programmable buttons, as well as an onboard memory to store up to three color profiles. Inside is an accurate Pixart sensor, capable of up to 16,000 DPI, which is a measure of sensitivity to movement.


Pulsefire Core ($25.99, $29.99; amazon.com)

Pulsefire Core

The Pulsefire Core takes on the core properties of this mouse for less. It’s not quite as ergonomic, and it doesn’t have an onboard memory. However, it features an additional programmable button, adding up to seven. Both mice are versatile and light, great for gamers who need a lot of hotkeys.

Mouse pads

Fury Ultra ($49.99, originally $54.99; amazon.com)

Fury Ultra

For something to put under that new mouse, there’s the Fury Ultra. The best part about this mouse pad: It features RGB lights around the entire edge. A vibrant glow of all colors radiates from beneath it while you take care of business in-game. It also features an anti-slip base thanks to tons of small rubber protrusions on the bottom.


Fury S Speed XL ($19.99, originally $29.99; bestbuy.com)

Fury S Speed XL

For something more traditional, but way bigger, there’s the Fury S Speed XL. This pad is almost a meter wide (about 3 feet), featuring anti-fray edges, textured rubber for anti-slippage — everything you’ll need in a good mousepad.

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